Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spa Party?

A spa party is a private spa with the services provided in the venue of your choice, including your home. All of our parties range from 1½ hours to 3 hours depending on the age of the children and the number of children.

How many guests do I need in order to book a party? Are adults counted toward my guest head count?

We require a minimum of 8 guests at your party. Adults are not considered guest at our parties.

When will your staff come to set up décor and equipment?

We will arrive 1 hour prior to your scheduled time for the party to setup décor and equipment. Please be sure to arrange this with the venue you have selected, or ensure that someone 18 years of age or older will be home at the time of our arrival.

What do I need to provide?

Here is a checklist of what is needed for a spa party:

We provide all of the spa materials including basins, spa treatments, and robes for your princess and her friends.

What if a guest arrives late/no show?

Please encourage all guests to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start time. Guests who arrive late can still join a party already in progress. In the event a guest does not show, you will still be charged for the head count that was provided to us prior to the start of the event.

Can you Accommodate guest with food allergies?

Yes, but it is your responsibility as the party host to check if any of your guest have food allergies. If one of the children does have an allergy, we will try our best to be accommodating. Nothing we serve has peanuts or other nuts as an ingredient, but we cannot speak for the manufacturing process. In the event that a guest has severe allergies, we ask that the parent of that child provide an alternate refreshment. Pretty Posh and Pampered and its employees, are not responsible for allergic reactions or other medical reactions possibly caused by the menu provided, the makeup, hair accessories, wearing of dress-up clothing, or any other activity taken place before, during, or after the celebration. We are not financially responsible for any medications, or medical facility visits that may occur in regards to any allergic reactions.

What if my child’s clothing gets damaged during the party?

Pretty Posh and Pampered assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or damages that occur during a party such as staining of skin, hair, or clothing due to the use of any products such as, bath bombs, facial scrubs, body scrubs, lotions, eye shadow, hairsprays, colored hairsprays, glitter tattoos, crafting supplies, etc.

What if I need to make a last minute booking for a Spa Party?

A $50.00 rush fee will apply to all parties with a 10 day or less notice.

Inclement Weather or Illness?

We understand that weather conditions may cause the delay or rescheduling of a party. If weather is a problem, not only will it be hard for our staff to show, but your guest as well. We will be happy to work with you to schedule the next available date. If your little princess becomes ill, we will gladly reschedule (next available date), within a 30 day time frame.

What happens if a guest becomes ill, is a behavior problem, or does not want to participate?

If a guest does not wish to participate, we ask that you attend to that guest or their parent if present. We are not responsible for the behavior of the guests. We are there to make the day a dream come true, and good behavior is always promoted, It is your responsibility to monitor and take charge if a guest is not behaving, becomes ill or does not want to participate.

Can siblings of the guests stay?

Yes, siblings of guests are more than welcome to stay, but will not be receiving any of the spa services unless they were part of the original headcount provided to us. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate unexpected guests, as we prepare our parties based on the final head count given to us prior to the party.

What do you do with the pictures you take?

We reserve all rights to use pictures taken for promotional use only. Please see a copy of the photo release form, which will be signed at the time of booking. All children who attend parties hosted by Pretty Posh and Pampered © are subject to this release form. Please be aware that pictures will be used for advertising and marketing for our company.

Is there a travel fee?

The first 25 miles are complimentary. For locations out of the 25 mile radius of 10469 zip code (Bronx, NY) a flat fee of $50 will be assessed. Please use google maps to see if your location is more than 25 miles.

Why do I have to pay for my total services in advance?

Our Spa Parties require a significant amount of pre-planning to make the event a success. Our required signed agreement with all costs secured upfront ensures that there are no last minute charges for our clients. All contracts and agreements have to be signed at time of booking.

Is tax and gratuity included in final contract quote?

All taxes will be added to bill upon final contract review. All Spa Services require an 18% gratuity and should be made in cash.

Can I book my party online?

Yes, all spa parties can be made online. Book Online to request a booking date. Once you have made your booking, one of our consultants will contact you to verify all information and answer any questions you have.

Can I pay for services online?

Yes, we gladly accept payments online using a credit/debit card. Please be aware that deposits have to be paid in order to secure your date. Therefore an electronic invoice will be sent via email. If full payment is not received two weeks prior to the event, your party will be cancelled and moved to a different date. Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable.

How do I apply for employment with Pretty Posh and Pampered?

Please email your resume and cover letter to:

Minimum requirements include, but are not limited to:

We welcome High School and College applicants!!!

Our parties are for entertainment purposes only. We do not offer professional salon services.

All prices and packages are subject to change without notice.